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Why People Commit Suicide By Hanging

Why do people commit suicide by hanging? Perhaps it's less painful than jumping from the tall building to the ground or it's friendlier when it comes to back to nature.

Whatever it is the act of intentionally killing oneself is never recommended for hopeless people. I have a scary experience in my life that back in 2006 I became the first neighbor to see a man hanging himself in a house my wife and I had rented previously. The boy, a teenager, was my wife's cousin. He had committed suicide because of love betrayal. Our family just couldn't believe it. He's cheerful, confident and humorous.

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The police soon came and confirmed there's no sign of murder. A guy who was with me pulling down the boy to the ground was interrogated, but they didn't interrogate me, thanks God. And the next two or three days after the suicide, the atmosphere turned weird in the night. I happened to live in the compound of cemetery where there are Cherry trees grow and some flowers beautify our day. Fortunately, the boy hadn't hung himself there. That would have been more spooky.

So, why do people commit suicide by hanging? 


1. It's save and nobody can even find one and stop the action when one does it. 
2. It's spontaneous and more traditional and cheapest
3. It's more dramatic, probably one prefer to show off how miserable one suffering such a problem

Or you have your own opinion, please give your comment. Thanks. But beware, you don't have to commit suicide by hanging if you know a lot of people fail making money on the Internet. Lol. 

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